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"My customers always browse the counter"

"My clients now know that I always have more to offer than just flowers and plants. With the Vive La Fleur assortment I am always assured of nice decorations, handy aids and nice gadgets. When my customers are paying, they always sniff if they can find something nice. On an annual basis that is really a nice extra turnover. I'm happy with it!

Renate de Jong - Bloem & Co

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Vive La Fleur



Products chosen by and for florists


Practically everything delivered from stock, so immediately send.


We only deliver to the florist shops.

Good priced

Competitive prices.

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Vive la Fleur
Tasveld 9
3342 GT Hendrik Ido Ambacht
phone number: +31 6 34 89 59 71
e-mail address: info@vivelafleur.nl

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